APT is a company integrated by proffesionals with experience in civil, hydraulics and chemical engineering fields. We represent in Uruguay renowned brands as Grünbeck, Denios and Unisensor.
Who we are
Firms represented
APT is a company formed by professionals with experience in Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Represents internationally renowned firms such as Grünbeck, Denios and Unisensor.

is a company dedicated to providing real solutions to their customers using designs and latest technology. Provides a wide range of products with international standards.
We have a wide range of filters to prevent the entry of solid and hazardous pollutants, and thus protect equipment and facilities, both industrial and residential
Dosing disinfectants
Disinfectants are metered through flow-controlled dosing pumps. There is the possibility of adding previously prepared solutions (GENO-Chlor A), prepared in situ
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